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We have Easter Bunny Rentals starting at $65.00. This includes the entire Mascot style costume for a rental period of 3-4 days. We have all your needs for Easter Passion Plays including Jesus, Roman Armor, Blood, Latex, Beards, Angels and much more!

The Party Shop offers a wide range of specialty rental costumes. Rental quality costumes are higher in quality and more authentic looking than a normal purchased costume that comes in a standard bag or package. We have between 600-700 rental quality costumes for both men and women. Our rentals range in price between$20 and $125. Each costume has its own tag explaining what the costume comes with, the size, optional accessories, rental price, security deposit and selling price. Each costume has a security deposit that is returned to the customer when the costume is returned. This is our way of making sure the costume is returned and not damaged. All of our rentals have a purchase price as well, for those customers looking to purchase a high end costume.

Each rental is for 3-4 days. Many people ask if it’s cheaper to rent a costume for 1 day rather than 3 and the answer is no. The reason is because of the time to prepare the costume between bookings and usage. Each costume is dry cleaned or washed by The Party Shop depending on the costume and this is the standard turnaround time per usage. For those looking to keep the costume longer (i.e.) for a Cruise or business trip each case will be handled on an individual bases depending the costume, the season and the duration of the event. However, during Halloween/Christmas rental policies are enforced due to the volumes and multiple bookings.

We DO rent portions and pieces of costumes for customers looking for a specific item and do not want rent the entire costume. The cost will vary depending on the costume and the desired piece.

Click here to view the rental costumes that we are able to list online! 
**Please note that much more is available in-store to view/try-on.**


  • The styles range from: Any type of Theatrical Production, Story Book, Fairy Tale to Any Time Period
  • Party Shop Has Costume Rentals for many full-body Animal Mascots including: Chickens, Frogs, Gorillas, Dogs, Monkeys, Cows, Pigs, Bears, Turtles, Easter Rabbits and much more.
  • Party Shop has Costume Rentals for All your Santa Costumes and Easter Rabbits.
  • Party Shop has Costume Rentals for all Time Period costumes: Biblical to present day (Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Christopher Columbus, Napoleon, Bonaparte, Asian, French, German). Good for International looks and cultured productions, Poodle Skirts and 50's costumes.
  • Renaissance, Medieval & Shakespearian.
  • American History: We have everything from the Revolutionary era and George Washington/Martha Washington, Jefferson, to the Civil War era Rhett Butler to Southern Bells, Wild West/frontier look to, Pioneer women and men, Saloon Girls and Gunslingers, Indians to WWII- Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Poodle Skirts, all the way up to 60’s & 70’s
  • Party Shop has Super Heroes, Cartoon Characters, and Famous Faces
  • Aside from periods Party Shop has Costume Rentals for all deluxe generic looks too Cowboys, Pirates, Vampires, Robin Hood, Clowns, Zorro, Flappers, Gangsters, Zoot Suits, Cops, Gladiators, Cesar, Pimps, Pilgrims, Leprechauns and so much more.
  • Party Shop also rents
    • Fog Machines
    • Strobe Lights
    • Special FX lighting
    • Balloon Tank regulators and Helium Tanks
    • Stage guns and more

Due to the nature of costume rentals, there is not a way to showcase our entire inventory because many of the costumes are handmade without stock photos. Also, the sizes are more form fitting like true clothing not the typical small, medium and large.

If you are unsure if we have the costume you are looking for 
give our costume department a call 770.503.0093

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