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Renting a Helium Tank from the Party Shop is very simple.
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The Party Shop offers 4 sizes of Helium Tanks that you can rent. All Helium Tank Rentals Include a Regulator Nozzle, which is the tip that attaches to the Helium Tank, used to inflate Balloons.

Helium Tank Rentals are for 3 days. After 3 days there is a surcharge of 0.85 cents per day until the Helium Tank and Regulator are Returned.

All Helium Tank Rentals Require a Valid Driver’s License and a REFUNDABLE Security Deposit. Security Deposits must be paid in cash or credit/debit. We will not accept personal checks. Security Deposits are returned to the customer when the Helium Tanks and Regulators are both returned.

Customers should select the helium tank they need based upon the amount of balloons they are trying to inflate.

PARTY SHOP stocks the following size tanks: extra small, small, medium, large and jumbo.

  • Extra Small tanks are $60.00 with a $30.00 security deposit. Extra small tank will inflate 40-45 latex balloons 11" inch in size
  • Small Helium Tanks Rentals are $115.00 with a $65.00 security deposit. Small Tanks will inflate 100, 11’ inch latex balloons.
  • Medium Helium Tanks are $165.00 with a $65.00 Security Deposit. Medium size Helium Tanks will inflate 215, 11’ inch latex balloons.
  • Large Helium Tank Rentals are $215.00 with a $100.00 security deposit. Large Helium Tanks will inflate roughly 300, 11 inch latex balloons.
  • Jumbo Helium Tank Rentals are $285.00 with a $100.00 security deposit. Jumbo Helium Tanks will inflate 550-600 latex balloons.

Additional information:

Customers should be aware that the larger the helium tank size the heavier the helium tank and more cumbersome to handle. Customers looking to inflate several hundred balloons may be better off to rent multiple smaller helium tank because they are easier to handle and more than one person can be used for the inflating process. The more people inflating balloons the faster the process. 

Our everyday policy is customer pick up only but, depending on the staff available and circumstance we are able to work with customers on an individual bases, especially for large events or special circumstances. Base delivery charges range from $15.00 - 40.00 based on location. Currently the Party Shop serves the following areas with Helium Tank Rental Delivery: Gainesville, Buford, Flowery Branch, Lake Lanier Islands, Duluth, Dahlonega, Oakwood, Lula, Dawsonville, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Jefferson, Toccoa and Suwanee.

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